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Welcome to Land Rover Parts, we specialise in sourcing used Land Rovers and quality Land Rover spares.

Having quality car spare parts will not totally protect your vehicle against defects or the effects of time but it will save your head from thinking about future repairs. Spare parts are more like scarce light fuses. You don’t really stock those kinds of things but time will come when the light gives out and it becomes hard for you to find that one switch that will make your life bright again.

For new or old cars, it is actually the turbochargers that bring life to it. Turbochargers are German car spares that push air throughout the engine and make explosions in the cylinder to increase power and it uses gasoline. The labor for installation and the equipment itself is high so expect the repair cost to force you to take the bus for a while.

This is the reason why you need to buy cheap but quality car spares now. You’ll be able to save money in the long run. Other vehicle essentials you should consider are the tires. Auto tires are important spare parts you must always have with you since the road is where a lot of unexpected incidents take place. In fact, the word spare parts might have been coined after the classic spare tire.

A very common problem for most car owners is changing the injection pump as this is a bit pricey as well. Without the injection pump, your car gas won’t have the means to distribute to the cylinders where the combustion of engine takes place. The cost of the injection pump usually depends on the car type and repairs on SUVs cost more as it requires some dismantling.

The most expensive repair of all is cylinder malfunction. It is like a damaged hard drive where there’s no point of repairing it and you simply have to buy a new laptop. I mean, you can have it fixed but it’s not like purchasing differential kits, so expect seeing 7000 bucks in expenses.